Programme Category: Post Primary
Target Group: 10 - 16 Years
Availability: 29th July - 1st August 2019
Duration: One day

Programme Details:

In July 2019, the WTRA (World Teenager Robotics Association) roboticscompetition will take place in Belfast.  Working closely with the Chinese robotics education organisation, IDIY RoTec, Sentinus will manage the competition, and an accompanying cultural experience, which will see at least 50 Chinese students visiting Northern Ireland for five days.  The competition, which will take place at the Great Hall, Queen’s University Belfast on 1st August, will be open to students from Northern Ireland, as well as those from further afield.     As part of the experience, the Chinese visitors will have an opportunity to participate in a range of educational activities and meet key local representatives, including Belfast’s Lord Mayor, and visit some of Northern Ireland’s best known tourist attractions, Belfast City Hall and Parliament Buildings.     For local students interested in participating, Sentinus will run a four day robotics Masterclass (including the competition day), costing £100, at Queen’s University Belfast to introduce them to the Lego robotics kits and each of the competition strands and provide an opportunity to practice before the competition.  Alternatively, those young people already experienced in the use of Lego EV3 kits can enter the competition directly, a practice session will be available on the evening of 31st July at Queen’s.   Sentinus welcomes all entries from schools, community groups, families or individuals to participate in the competition, follow the links for the rules for each of the three separate competition strands Curling Ball, Robot Transport, Forklift Challenge.  If you are interested in participating you for more detailed information on the event please go to the Competition Website or complete the entry form below.