Programme Category: Post Primary
Target Group: Year 13
Availability: Application Only
Duration: 4 Weeks

Programme Details:


The Sentinus IT Bursary Placement Programme is an annual programme which provides lower sixth students with a great opportunity to work in professional IT work environment for 4 weeks over the Summer holiday period. Students are expected to work on projects which contribute to the work of the company/organisation. The programme is aimed at students who are interested in a career in IT for example programming, software testing, hardware engineering, product design, web development/design or other role.

Successful students will be matched to placements which best suits their skills, knowledge, experience and interests to gain maximum outputs from participating on the programme.

Sentinus will work with successful students to find a project provider in a suitable location/area.  A small bursary is awarded to students who are offered placements on the programme.

Further guidance and eligibility criteria is available here – IT Bursary Flyer

To apply for a place on the programme please complete the application form below or for further information contact or 028 9262 7755.

Full Bursary Information

If you are accepted on the scheme, you will receive a bursary of £80 per week. Travel expenses will not be reimbursed during this placement. The bursary will be paid for four weeks – if the students want to carry on their placement for longer, the additional weeks will not be paid. Students may take time off in the middle of their bursary subject to approval from their placement provider. All placements must be completed by the 31st August 2019

Successful applicants will undertake their placement with a local IT company / university. Students must complete a report (max 10 sides of A4) and a poster presentation. The students will display their work at a celebration day which will take place in October 2019. On completion of the placement, all reports should be sent to Sentinus by Friday 6th September 2019.


Section 1 - Student's Details

This section is for monitoring purposes only and will only be seen by IT Bursary placement providers and Sentinus. It is not used for selection. Please make sure you supply accurate contact information as we will need to contact you throughout the process. Sentinus is registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office under the Data Protection Act 1998 and complies with its principles and provisions. Applicants will understand that it is necessary for us to store and process information sent by applicants and referees, so that we may assess applications. Data will be held securely and lawfully processed, and all those handling applications are aware of the confidentiality of the data. Records are retained for no longer than necessary. Data may be used to compile lists of award-holders which are publicly available. Applicants and their institutions are deemed to have given consent for us to process data related to applications either by submitting an application form.
Please provide the name of the teacher who will support your application and provide a reference.

Section 2 - Educational Information

This section may be passed to a potential placement provider.

Why do you want to undertake a Sentinus IT Bursary Placement?

Explain below why you think you would benefit from a placement.

Section 3 - Student Declaration

Please complete the below questions.

Section 4 - Parental/Guardian Consent & Declaration

Please confirm that you have parent/guardian consent to apply for this programme. Sentinus will contact them directly to confirm that this is the case.