Employability Skills

Programme Category: Post Primary
Target Group: Years 8 - 14
Availability: Year Group
Duration: Half Day or Full Day

Programme Details:

Sentinus offers a suite of employability programmes personal-effectivenessfor young people covering, interview skills, career planning, learning skills and personal effectiveness. Each of these can be tailored to suit the needs of students at a local level and can be delivered in either a half day or full day format.

Interview Skills is designed to help pupils market themselves effectively in an interview situation, whether for employment, higher education or training programmes. This practical programme aims to address issues including completion of job applications/UCAS forms, verbal and non-verbal communication, preparation for interview (including CV) and personal appearance. The programme concludes with a mock interview for every pupil with verbal and written feedback.

Career Planning aims to help pupils develop the skills and knowledge required to identify, prepare and plan for their future careers through focusing on knowledge of themselves, careers research, personal skills, goal setting and action planning.

Learning Skills encourages pupils to identify personal learning styles and apply modern techniques and strategies to maximise the impact of planned study. This is an effective motivational programme for groups of up to 80 students, delivered in a dynamic and contemporary style and covering topics including motivation to study, getting started, setting goals, planning and prioritising, new study techniques, leaning styles and dealing with stress.

Personal Effectiveness helps students to develop the personal and life skills required for employment through practical activities, covering areas including communication skills and assertiveness, presentation skills, problem solving, team building, organisation and time management.

Business Insight gives pupils an opportunity to explore and experience the ‘cut and thrust’ of industry and business through a highly participative Business Game where essential interpersonal skills are identified and developed. Areas covered within the programme include teamwork, communication, planning, delegation, production, marketing, finance and organisation.




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