Medics in Primary Schools

The Medics in Primary Schools (MIPS) programme is a joint Queen's - Sentinus activity which provides an opportunity for primary school children and medical students to develop their communication skills.   The programme, which has been operating since 2000, has involved 50 primary schools, nearly 450 medical students at Queen’s University Belfast, and over 12,000 primary pupils in the greater Belfast area.


The project is offered as a Student Selected Component within the medical students’ second year course.  Students have a placement one afternoon a week for ten weeks in the spring term in a primary school, during which they deliver a short science and health education programme to P6 or P7 pupils, and develop their own communication skills in working with young people.


The programme includes the following units:


Healthy Skin,

Healthy Heart and Lungs,

Healthy Brain, and

Healthy Body.

The MIPS Teaching and Learning Guide can be downloaded here.  The associated Activity Sheets can be downloaded here as Microsoft Word documents.  A lesson plan outline can be downloaded here.  A list of relevant Websites with live links can be accessed here.


A useful presentation (produced by Wern Yap) on the skeletal system can be downloaded here.   This is an excellent resource for the classroom.



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